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North Beacon Co.


North Beacon Co.

North Beacon Company is a Salt Lake City-based marketing and design agency with a passion for clean, simple and effective design.
We specialize in telling the stories of technology brands that are shaping new experiences and new consumption models—
especially in the streaming media and online video spaces.


Pointing to "True North"

Each product, each brand was born of an idea. The core of that idea is a promise that it can change the world in however small a way—
that by existing, it has the ability to make life easier, more fulfilling, in some way better.

Sometimes in the rush to launch or beat a competitor or check the boxes, we lose sight of that idea and get bogged down in the features, benefits, or capabilities. North Beacon’s goal is to take a step back and tell the story of that idea—because it’s the story that allows the idea to find its “true North.” Only when an idea, product, or a company is pointed in that direction has it reached the point at which it can achieve its potential.



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